MIT Stable Isotope Geobiology Laboratory

At stable isotope geobiology laboratory at MIT (Ono lab), we use stable isotope to understand the interplay among the atmosphere, rocks, water and microbes. In particular, we focus on non-conventional isotope systems to explore frontiers in isotope geochemistry. 

Our current research projects include: 
1) sulfur isotope (32S/33S/34S/36S) effects during photochemistry and microbial processes to bring new insights into sulfur cycles in deep time and deep biosphere,
2) methane clumped isotopologue, 13CH3D, as a new tracer for the source of geologic and atmospheric methane, and
3) application of nitrous oxide (14N15NO vs. 15N14NO) isotopomer ratios for inversion modeling. 

Please click through the menu links above to learn more about what we do, and check out our recent news and publications to the right. Interested students are encouraged to inquire about potential research projects in the laboratory!