Clumped isotope effects during OH and Cl oxidation of methane

TitleClumped isotope effects during OH and Cl oxidation of methane
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsWhitehill AR, Joelsson LMagnus T, Schmidt JA, Wang DT, Johnson MS, Ono S
JournalGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Start Page307
Date Published01/2017

Abstract A series of experiments were carried out to determine the clumped (13CH3D) methane kinetic isotope effects during oxidation of methane by \{OH\} and Cl radicals, the major sink reactions for atmospheric methane. Experiments were performed in a 100 L quartz photochemical reactor, in which \{OH\} was produced from the reaction of O(1D) (from \{O3\} photolysis) with H2O, and Cl was from photolysis of Cl2. Samples were taken from the reaction cell and analyzed for methane (12CH4, 12CH3D, 13CH4, 13CH3D) isotopologue ratios using tunable infrared differential laser absorption spectroscopy. Measured kinetic isotope effects for singly substituted species were consistent with previous experimental studies. For doubly substituted methane, 13CH3D, the observed kinetic isotope effects closely follow the product of the kinetic isotope effects for the 13C and deuterium substituted species (i.e