Current lab members (view more)

(Back): Kilian Ashley, Mihkel Pajusalu, Gareth Izon, Bill Olszewski, Patrick Beaudry
(Front): Shuhei Ono, Jeemin Rhim, Ellen Lalk, Yenny Gonzalez Ramos, Jeehyun Yang


Lab members (Fall 2017 – Spring 2018)

(Back): Patrick Beaudry, Gareth Izon, Mihkel Pajusalu
(Front): Ellen Lalk, Yenny Gonzalez Ramos, Jeemin Rhim, Shuhei Ono, Jeehyun Yang

A day in the lab


Instruments in the lab


Methane TILDAS with Dual Inlet Manifold

MIT Dual-inlet Manifold and Aerodyne TILDAS for Clumped Methane Isotopologue 


Bellows Volumes for Methane-TILDAS

Dual Inlet Bellows Volume for Methane-TILDAS


Prep GC System for Clumped Methane Isotopologue

Prep-GC System for Methane-TILDAS


Fluorination-Vacuum-Prep-GC manifold for Sulfur Isotope Measurement

Fluorination-GC manifold for sulfur isotope analysis by SF6


Stheno-I-TILDAS for on-site N2O isotopomer measurements, Currently at MaceHead Station in Ireland

Stheno-I TILDAS for on-site monitoring of N2O isotopomer ratio.  
Instrument is currently deploed at Mace Head Atmospheric Observatory in Ireland.


Shimadzu GC-2014 for Gas Analysis (TCD-methanizer-FID & HID)

Shimadzu GC-2014 for gas analysis (TCD-methanizer-FID & HID)


FTIR Thermo is5

FTIR Thermo is5


Continuous flow culture for sulfate reducing microbes


Flame sealing quartz tubing